Saturday, 27 August 2016

Creating—Don't Do It!

MacDonald Beach by William D

I found this note I had scribbled to myself on 2 December 2013. On reading thought, hmmm. Good point.

Two thoughts emerge as I explore MacDonald Beach in Richmond. (Herons in clusters; mountains against a blue sky; the brush of Southlands, concealing Vancouver—illusion of not being in a city; snow geese gathered on the foreshore across the river from where I stand; underfoot, abundant moss and tiny lichens, pebbled with beach grass and crowded with broom; thin ice in puddles: I press to hear it squeak.)

1) Creativity is not important. The clamour to be creative is another trap, another pressure to produce.

2) What is valuable about it is its root: the moment of stopping, of enveloping the world around you in your awareness. Stay with that and don't create—unless the urge is a flood that brings you joy.

Image by: William D.

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