Thursday, 22 June 2017

“To Eva on the Day of Your Surgery” (Poem by Casey)

where I sit
sun scatters wide
through sky and window
over smooth blonde wood

this streetside café
just me and pen and you
in my thoughts

where are you now
consulting with the anaesthetist
scribbled on by your surgeon
whose sure hands soon will
hold you
fold you back
and nick
where nick is needed
where knit is wanted
fold you in again

are you ladled yet onto the gurney
smoothed out on the cot
is your breathing easy

I see it easy
the sun’s fair light
finding you somehow
easing you

are you sleeping gently
anxiety a million miles away
are the stones and sun and stars
silent in your dreamscape
your heart strong
your heart strong

have you wakened
turned your head
looked about
are the drugs still playing games
with equilibrium and thought

have you seen our eyes yet
smiling      weeping
joyful      worried       loving eyes
all pleased to see you
waking up

do you know the love
a strong thick woolen blanket
scratchy      caring
swaddled round you

you are always loved
all and always loved
heartbeat strengthening
heartbeat deepening
your tender organ
filled now with our
reciprocating love

sleep now      Eva
rest and grow
we will be here
when you wake

copyright: Casey June Wolf, 2015.
Image: “Medical staff and female patient”, Wellcome Images, file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Internationallicense.

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